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Stone & Marble
Restoration Services

Restoration of stone is the restoring of worn stone to the state in which it was installed. It may also include the altering of the stone’s surface to match the desired finish of the owner. In some cases, an owner may desire a polished surface to be honed or vice-versa.

Lippage Removal

Over time, marble surfaces and edges can become scratched and uneven; this service fixes that. 

Lippage removal can also eliminate some of your worst scratches and floor stains.

Etch Removal

Marble cleaner is prone to etch marking because of its calcium carbonate makeup. 

As acid reacts with the calcium carbonate, it eats away at the surface.

Scratches Removal

Marbles and granite are prone to scratches through sheer traffic wear and grits.

The good news is that even the deepest scratches can be fixed by restoring color, shine and services by professionals.

Texture Stone Deep Cleaning

Consisting of grinding and sanding the stone down to its original surface, followed by a thorough polishing and finished with our natural stone sealant.

Stain Cleaning Services

Stains form because of the minerals and iron deposits found in natural stone and the elements. Stains can also be caused by food, wine, coffee or oil spills. 

Depending on the size of the stain, it’s best to get experts to clean this up.

Colour Enhancing

Our color enhancing treatment brings out the natural color of your stone. The difference will be clear!

Cracks and Chips Repairs

Cracks and chips in natural stone tend to get worse fast, so it’s important that you contact us soon for treatment.


Stone & Marble Protective Treatments

Protect your stone from liquid damage such as staining and salt damage. 

Stop harmful acids from causing the surface of your stone to become dull and pitted.

We provide stone cleaning services and marble cleaner to make your commercial place a professional. Get a Free Consultation.


By creating micro-erosions that are invisible to the naked eye, we can boost the run-off of water to increase surface grip and therefore reduce slipping in wet conditions, either with footwear or bare feet.

Floor Hardener Protective

Our treatment will increase the durable finish of the stone, preventing the surface of your marble or other natural stone from becoming dull and pitted. 

Why go to the trouble of marble restoration removal just to leave your stone surfaces vulnerable to damage again?

Anti-Stain Protective

A revolutionary chemical process that completely prevents all staining and etching of marble, limestone and granite. 

This technique was developed for the Hotel Industry, Interior Design and Stone Works Industry.

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Natural Stone Cleaning &
Restoration Experts

We are a team of educated and experienced personnel that specialize in all aspects of stone and tile restoration.

Our qualified experts will restore your stone surfaces to their original beauty. We work hard to make sure our customers are completely satisfied. Our process is dustless and safe around kids and pets.